Tonight there is a gentle rain falling. It is the perfect sort of soaking drizzle that covers everything, including the thirsty ground, in a gentle blanket of damp that soaks down into the cracks and gives our brand new garden a much needed drink. The children, who have been helping us with the garden for the past three weeks, were pleased to see the rain, because it meant that the potatoes and tomatoes and peas and carrots and corn that we had planted would be stronger in the morning. They have never been happy to see rain before.

This week we had a conversation about pets. I am beginning to feel strongly that if we feed something, it should bring some added value to the family, and the children, surprisingly, were okay with pets we would also eat. It was not a strange concept to them.

Today, as we planted a semi circle of sunflowers, and the Snickerdoodle smiled delightedly as yet another tractor drove past on our rural road, the mackerdoodle said to me, “Mama, our life is simpler now, isn’t it? I like our simple life.”

So do I. It feels like we’ve come home to something we didn’t know we were missing.

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