A Pity Party and a Pretty Party

I have been in a bit of a pity party lately. We’re rapidly approaching the anniversary of our mid winter, mid-blizzard move here to the frozen north, and that is a difficult time for me. All of the novelty of moving has worn off. You know where to buy tuna and tires and you have a general idea of where neighborhoods and major streets lie, but information transmits so much faster than relationships, and right about now I always remember that real friendships take about three years to form. Over the last two weeks I was feeling misunderstood, and unneeded and generally lonely as activity and life in the church seemed to pass me completely by.

Turns out, a few of the ladies were planning me a surprise 40th birthday party, four months after my actual birthday, because . . . SURPRISE. It was sweet and beautiful and Bob cooked piles of bacon, and there was a TARDIS card. It was pretty perfect.

One of my favorite families moved to Colorado this summer, and as I read about their journey into a new state, a new culture and a new season of their life, I was slapped past my pity party. I have been so blessed, as all pastoral families are, to be dropped into the midst of a church family who loves us, who wants us, and who is eager to begin building those friendships. Most people move somewhere without that head start to relationship building. To say that I have been lonely is to completely deny the overwhelming love and welcome we have received here. Sure I don’t have the depth of relationship with people that two more, or six more, or seventeen more years of living and serving and praying alongside folks will give me; but I have 11 months of relationship, and a surprise party, which is more than most people get 11 months after a move.


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4 responses to “A Pity Party and a Pretty Party

  • bobbistowellbrown

    When someone who was a support to one moves away, or graduates home to be with the Lord, it is a loss. I think there is a time of grieving to get through. Meanwhile, we do have the family of God. I’ve always loved going to church because the people there have to love you. It’s a command! But I think the whole thing is learning perseverance and asking the Lord to help one to finish well. I just lost my 84 year old prayer partner, but the Lord provided a 93 year old prayer partner! I’m so thankful!

  • thebluehutch

    I’m praying God gives you a Becky. . . not because she is so great but because she loved and knew you in less than three years. As a matter of fact, at the three year mark she felt you a true bosom friend.

    • Coralie

      God already gave me a Becky. He won’t give me another one. Just like he didn’t give me another Jawan. But I know the Lord will give us both new bosom friends. 🙂

  • Sarah White

    What a sweet thing for them to have done for you. I was praying that you would feel loved and connected and that you’d have more ability to write, so I am glad it looks like some of that is happening.

    I shouldn’t wonder that you’d be having a lot of emotions right about now. How has it been nearly a year?

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