About Me

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Coralie Cowan. I have
been married to a fantastic man since 1995, and after eleven years
of petitioning the Lord for children, we welcomed our beautiful
daughter (known to blogdom as our mackerdoodle) in August of 2007
and then our son, cheesedoodle in June of 2009 and our snickerdoodle in 2011. I have been a
teacher, waitress, Realtor, office manager . . . Stay at home mama and now assistant nursery coordinator/teacher’s aide/seminary wife. Whatever I have found to do, The Lord has helped me to love it. I was a drama
major in college and remain dramatic and creative and wordy to this
day. I am a member of a Presbyterian Church of America
church. Politically I lean libertarian. I was born and raised
in Canada and now live (as a legal immigrant and permanent
resident) in Missouri.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Coralie, Did you see where Abraham Piper left a comment on one of my posts? I feel like I’ve been visited by a celebrity. I yelled out to my husband, “You’ve gotta come here….now!”.

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