About My Blogging Journey

When I was in the 11th grade, my English teacher announced to the class that “writers write.” I have made it a point to write a little bit every day ever since. I began blogging as an outlet for my writing, but it was sporadic and without direction until August of 2006 when I found out that after 11 years of infertility, I was pregnant.

I intended that the blog would serve to inform my family and friends about my pregnancy. Instead, it documented a brief, and painful pregnancy followed by a miscarriage. But after the miscarriage my family and friends who had rallied around me and my husband asked that I continue to blog. I did so, and was soon able to announce another pregnancy. This time I documented a full term (and then some) pregnancy, and I continue to make my children the subject of a great many of my posts.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my purpose and my voice.  But I’ve found it again, and this post will explain why I continue to blog.


2 thoughts on “About My Blogging Journey

  1. Hello My Dear Coralie

    I’ve decided that I have been hiding long enough and it is time to come out of the shadows. I have been reading your blog for several months, enjoying your writings, your musings, your comments, and your thoughts and at the same time have felt as if I have been sneak peeking at everything. I decided I should let you know that I am one of your faithful readers. And of course I couldn’t continue to look at and enjoy the pictures of beautiful Little Mack without telling you what a beautiful little girl you have.

    I know that Little Mac is identical to Jonathan but in some of the pictures I see your grandfather’s and your father’s smile and perhaps their twinkle of the eyes.

    Coralie I know what charismatic means but what does reformed mean? How do those terms fit together?

    I went into town today and it was snowing – not to stay but our winter isn’t over but we aren’t like tghe fellow in your picture.

    I read that you are a legal landed immigrant-does this mean that you and Jonathan are planning on staying in the United States?

    You and Melissa have kept with your family tradition of moving far far from home. I’m afraid I have put down my roots very, very deeply and the idea of moving from Prince George never enters my head. Even moving to a new home isn’t something that I think about.

    How do you like teaching? I loved it and mourned the loss of my job when I was forced to go on long term medical leave. I will officially retire in May of 2010 – that is when a bunch of numbers adds up to 90 and then one retires.

    Take care my dear and do give sweet Little Mac a hug and kiss for me and pass on my regards to Jonathan

    Love Auntie Wendy

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