Who Are These Doodles?

I am Coralie. I’m the mama. I’m the blogger. You’re getting
everything through my lens and in my voice. Jonathan is my husband,
father of the doodles, and full time seminary student/pastoral intern. He also finds time to paint. He’s
pretty amazing. The mackerdoodle is our first born daughter, born
August of 2007 – three months after our twelfth anniversary and
eleven months after our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. She
is our wonderful answer to prayer and pretty amazing. Her “fetal
name” was pomegranate, which changed briefly to MAC (her initials)
that quickly became mackerdoodle which has stuck. The cheesedoodle
is our only son, born June 2009. We had been asking the Lord
whether or not we should go back on fertility treatments once the
mackerdoodle was weaned and the Lord’s answer was to just give us
the cheesedoodle. He’s the cheesedoodle because together they are
“mac and cheese.” The snickerdoodle is our seminary surprise
daughter, born April 2011. To quote our friend Jenni, this time God
was just showing off. She’s snickerdoodle because she’s a
wonderful, unexpected dessert to finish up our doodle


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