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Ladies, Step to the Scales

Well, this is it.  That little weight loss challenge between friends is at a close and I’m still in maternity wear, so I’m not pleased with my results.

Here’s how we’ll work it:  send me an e-mail with your weight for this week and your weight for the week of July 8th if you didn’t send it to me then.  We’ll do the percentages and declare a winner next week.


Wednesday Morning Weigh In Week 8

Down 2 more pounds to 181, which makes me only 6 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight (I know.  Yikes!  I’m working on that)  but I’m still not coming close to fitting in most of my non maternity clothes.  I’m very frustrated to put on baggy maternity clothes every morning.

I’m still exercising, and mackerdoodle has taken to standing beside me and copying me which is a lot of fun.  Now that the weather is cooling off (a month earlier than usual.  I’m expecting one last blast of summer any day now.)  and the cheesedoodle is less “newborny” I’m spending more time outside and we’ve begun taking a walk in the afternoons.  It’s good for mama’s waistline and mackerdoodle’s bedtime.

So, who’s still with me?  What’s working, what’s not and what are your plans for the upcoming week?

Wednesday Morning Weigh-In: The Thursday Morning Addition (Wk 7)

I didn’t remember it was Wednesday yesterday until I saw that my wordless Wednesday had auto posted.  So I weighed myself this morning.  I’m down 2 pounds which is my first loss in three weeks, so the little exercising I’m doing is helping.  Having Jonathan at work, and the house in a sort of routine is also helping.

My exercise routine is a simple version of the clean and press barbell lift.  Of course, if you click on that link, you’ll find some ripped man lifting a barbell with big weights on each end.  I look nothing like that.  I lift an empty 15 pound bar for 2 reps of 5 lifts and then I hold 2 three pound dumb bells (one in each hand – six pounds total) for another two reps of five lifts.  Or at least that’s my plan.  It tends to get interrupted by  a toddler holding herself, dancing and saying “I tee-tee.  I tee-tee.” in a panicked voice, or a hungry baby, or a tired baby being woken up by a toddler saying “Baby? WAKEUP!” or any combination thereof.  Regardless, an incomplete exercise routine is better than no exercise routine, so I keep at it.

So, what about y’all?  What’s working?  What isn’t?

Wednesday Morning Weigh In: Week 6

Well, I’m stuck at 185 pounds. (There.  I put a number out there.  How humiliating.)

Truth be told I didn’t do much this week in the diet department.  I could blame potty training.  I could blame my daughter’s birthday.  I could blame the stress of job hunting.  I could.  I won’t.  The fact is that I just got lazy and started feeling sorry for myself.  My response when I see my deflated looking body that still doesn’t fit into my pre pregnancy clothes is to eat a brownie.

I did exercise this week.  I exercised on Monday.  My legs are still sore.  I think I need a better plan.

What about y’all?  What worked?  What didn’t?  Who’s still in with me?  Someone give me some hope.  🙂

Oh, and for all of you worried about Moriah’s reaction to Jonathan shaving: we were worried too, so she watched him shave it off.  All in all, she’s taking it better than I am.  🙂

Wednesday Morning Weigh-In – Week 5

Well, for the second week in a row I have lost nothing, nada, zilch.  Sigh.

I’m trying to come up with ways to exercise that don’t involve: a. waking a sleeping infant, or b. being outside in 95 degrees and 80% humidity.  I have a few things to try this week, so I’ll let you know next week if they worked.

On the good news front: Jonathan has four job possibilities on the line, so we’re praising the Lord for that, and praying that at least one will come to fruition before our paychecks stop in two weeks.

So, what about you?  What’s working?  What isn’t?  Have you beat me this week?  (I sure hope someone has! 🙂 )

Wednesday Weigh In

I’m down two pounds this week.  Considering I couldn’t use my kitchen for two days and had four fast food meals, I don’t think that’s too bad.  Still struggling to exercise though.  I found my Tae Bo tapes, but I don’t think I should be high kicking while wearing a baby – don’t you agree?  🙂

So, what’s working for you and what’s not?

Almost Not Wednesday Weigh-In

Well, I’ll do a blog about what my week has looked like so far, but I did want to give everyone a chance to sound in on the weight loss challenge.  I weighed this morning and I’m down another 4 pounds – but my pants still don’t fit, which is frustrating.

This week I didn’t eat as well, but I exercised more – more on that in a future post.

Here’s a tip I just discovered:  I need to drink more water, especially with the heat of the Georgia summer.  Unfortunately, water is boring; but if I put a little lemon juice and a package of Splenda into my quart of water it has just enough flavor that I enjoy drinking it, but no calories.

So what’s working and what’s not working for y’all?