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The Sweet

I’ve described the move as bittersweet, but I fear I’ve only blogged the bitter.  Let me change that.

Monday Jonathan left for Greek class and after I finished up my chores for the morning, the children and I walked out the door intent on walking half a block to the nearby playground.  Instead, we spent an hour and fifteen minutes twenty yards from our front door playing with the neighbor children and visiting with the neighbor moms.

Jonathan came home for lunch, because Greek class runs until noon, and then we went as a family to the mall that houses the Chick-Fil-A where Jonathan will eventually work, so that he could finalize some employment details.  We spent the afternoon together as a family.  The mackerdoodle bounced and skipped and danced her way through the afternoon saying things like, “That so cool!  Daddy!  That so cool!”

We had home-made pizza for supper and even though it tasted different (which shouldn’t be possible, because ALL of the ingredients had come with us from Georgia) it still *felt* like a normal family meal.

After supper we decided to take a walk before giving the children a bath and putting them to bed.  We walked out the door and ended up standing less than twenty yards from our door, chatting with our next door neighbor for thirty minutes before taking our walk.

Monday was a sweet day from the Lord.