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TrueTone colors give way

to technicolor and neon

that fades past time bleached

into sepia tones

and finally black and white
with occasional wan water color tint

A lilac sunset the only reminder

of the pencil green shading to come


Some More Fun Sites

I found a list of fun websites at Rocks in My Dryer today.  WordPress won’t let me post the graphic boxes, so you’ll have to visit Shannon’s blog to see the pretty pictures that go with each one.

I can name 29 colors in five minutes

I’m not sure what this says about me, but the questions had me giggling, especially the last section.  I could take 16 five year olds in a fight

This one is a little pathetic. I’m sure you can all beat me. I forgot most of Europe for heaven’s sake.  I can name 36 countries in five minutes

And this is good to know. You know, just in case.I  have a 59% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.