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Having Fun With Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa dropped by to see us, ostensibly for my birthday, but I suspect the rapidly changing, ever engaging newborn snickerdoodle may also have been a draw. Said snickerdoodle has been out of sorts for a few days, so we haven’t been out and about much. However some highlights of the trip have been:

CityGarden and Powder Valley Conservation Center

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As we were driving from the Conservation Center to Chick-Fil-A for supper (thank you Papa) the mackerdoodle said, completely spontaneously, “Hey Papa. I like having you around.”

As always, the mackerdoodle speaks for us all.


Why I May Not Blog In the Next Few Days

The McGinnises have come to play and we are too busy having fun to get on the computer. 🙂

More Fun In Leaves

The lawn guys here in our neighborhood either love kids, or have never had anything to do with them.  Today they blew all of the leaves from the front yards (which is literal in this case.  Roughly 3 feet of space from front porch to parking lot) into one huge pile at the corner of one of the parking lots.  It seemed pointless.  I mean one good gust of wind and everything’s just back where it started.  In the absence of wind, a few enthusiastic kids will achieve the same end.

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Here are some reasons I haven’t been blogging lately

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A Free Day!

Today Jonathan only works four hours at the hospital and is off for the rest of the day.  The children and I will drop him at work near 10, then I will have the van to go grocery shopping, go to the post office, stop at the dollar tree, and yet have the freedom to give the cheesedoodle his nap, feed the mackerdoodle lunch and go back and pick Jonathan up at 2.  After that, we’ve got him for the rest of the day, and I won’t have to waste our “daddy day” with errands.

Then, at 6 the McGinnises are coming for supper!  YAY!  A free day with actual grown up conversation and fellowship!  What a kind God to give me these treats.

Can You Believe It?

Are you wondering where I was the last two days? (Honestly, did you even notice I didn’t post? Probably not.)

I had a party.  Seriously.

Our church had been going through a struggle for the last three and a half years – the details of which I have no need to expound – and a week ago we had a resolution. So Saturday we hosted a celebratory party. We had 34 “walking around people” and 3 infants in our home and 1/2 of the walking around people were under 18.  We had a full house.  It was awesome.

That evening A Suburban Housewife and her husband and their four children stayed with us and we talked with them until 2:00 in the morning about a church plant their involved in and about our life and just stuff in general.  They joined us for worship yesterday and then Rob, who had business in our fair city this morning, had supper with us, while the rest of the family drove home.

So we were busy, and now we’re tired, but I wouldn’t trade fellowship like this for a weekend full of sleep.