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It’s 73 degrees with less than 50% humidity and a beautiful breeze.  We had a great breakfast with our friends Rob and Sherri and now Rob and Jonathan are playing outside with the children in the cool.  I’ve mopped my floor and opened every window (that will open) in the apartment and now Sherri and I will be going outside to enjoy a beautiful day.

The cyber-world will take a back seat to the real world today.


Funny, When I Woke Up This Morning, This Wasn’t What I Expected

The Cheesedoodle did not fall off the porch today, or any other high place.  That made today a good day.  Mostly.

This morning I had three things on my things to do list:

  1. Contact the seminary to find out why the financial aid package hadn’t arrived.
  2. Compare and contrast PODS/Ubox versus renting a truck and storing our things for a month in St. Louis.
  3. Call the loan guy to find out when the appraisal was going to be done for the re-fi.

Also on my mind: getting Jonathan to work and myself and the children to bible study almost simultaneously with only one car.  Yeah.  I was certainly going to be late.

You can see why I was a little distracted when my phone rang on the way to drop Jonathan at the “hospilater”.  As soon as I heard the loan officer’s voice, my brain jumped straight to “cross # 3 off the to do list!  Sweet!”; but it was not, in fact, so sweet.  He was calling to inform me that they couldn’t actually refinance our loan.  The refinance upon which all of our plans were built was suddenly gone, with a “sorry about that,”  and a “blame the underwriter.”

You see, without the re-fi, the rent payment the guys have agreed to pay won’t give us enough above the mortgage payment for any contingencies.  It was only the re-fi that made us consider renting in the first place.  Considering renting made us put a deposit on an apartment.  Putting a deposit on an apartment made us seek out health insurance in Missouri.  This is the plan that refinancing built.  So here we are: with an apartment and health insurance in another state, and a home in this one and a seemingly un-fillable void between them.

We’d appreciate your prayers.  I think we’re back to having to sell the house – but how?  to whom?  do any of you want an investment property?  We’ve got four guys willing to sign a year lease.  I don’t know what it all means.  I don’t know what the Lord is teaching us, or where he’s taking us.  But I do know that He is in control, and I know that He is a good and kind God.

I wonder what tomorrow will hold?  I’m willing to bet the Cheesedoodle will fall off something.  Beyond that, I don’t think I’ll hazard a guess.

Customer Service

I’ve had two really funny customer service situations this week.  One went poorly, the other went well, and fortunately the deciding factor wasn’t my temper (Praise the Lord).

The first  was at my mac’s well baby visit.  I had been thoroughly wowed by the pediatrician, so I wasn’t going to be put off by this experience, but it did make me laugh.  I was checking out and scheduling her 9 month appointment (NO SHOTS!  Can I get an amen?) when the receptionist said to me: “Okay, 3 months.  That should put us end of May, beginning of April.”

Hmmm.  I was quite confused.  Did she mean end of March?  That wouldn’t be even close to 3 months.  So I asked, “Do you mean end of April, beginning of May?”

She looked at me like I had been educated by hamsters and repeated, “No.  I mean end of May, beginning of April.”

I wasn’t being pedantic.  I just didn’t know quite how to respond. I said “I’m a little confused.  April comes before May.”

She repeated her original “End of May, beginning of April,”  so I stared blankly for a moment, before she said “I can schedule you for May 30th.  Would you like morning or afternoon.”

So I guess she meant end of May, beginning of JUNE?  I’m still stumped by it.

My second experience was on Thursday.  You know the house we bought in June?  Which was 8 months ago?  Well on Thursday I filed our homestead exemption, because Friday was the deadline, and we don’t like to leave things until the last minute.  (sheepish silence)

Soanyway,  I went down to the office prepared for a long wait in line.  Have you ever noticed that when you’re prepared for a long wait in line you don’t get one, but when you think to yourself “Oh, I’ll just run in and do that thing while I have a spare 15 minutes.” is when you find yourself in an inescapable line for several hours?  I arrived ready for a long wait in line and found myself the only person needing attention and four civil service employees waiting to serve me.

Honestly.  It was an unprecedented moment in my life!

Unfortunately, the only thing I didn’t bring with me was a copy of my warranty deed for the house.  They typed away on their computers and told me only Jonathan could file because he was the only owner of the house.  I knew this was incorrect.  I also knew I could print a copy of my warranty deed from the county website.  (A benefit of my Real Estate experience)

I asked if we could check the warranty deed online.  They quickly did so, and identified that I was a legal owner of the house.

I asked if they could print that for me.  They did so very willingly.

I asked them if I had printed it at home and brought it would they have accepted it as proof that I could file for homestead exemption.  They answered that they would have.

Then they grinned, and took it back from me, attaching it to the yellow homestead exemption card which they allowed me to sign.

So, one good, one bad, two great stories.

Brain Paralyzed . . . Too Much To Do!

Have you ever had so much to do that you just got paralyzed and didn’t even know where to begin?  Obviously the only choice for me is to procrastinate and blog.

Very early Saturday morning we fly out to BC.  This means that I have to have everything packed and ready to go, and my house presentable before we leave for school on Friday morning so that after school we can check into a hotel that has shuttle service to the airport – did I mention it is VERY early in the morning?  And while I’m sitting here, paralyzed from the amount of packing involved in taking a 4 1/2 month old across the continent (yes, continent!) Fox news is doing a story on exploding engines on 737 airplanes.  As if I wasn’t paralyzed enough.

Early Night Tonight

Let me tell you about my last two days.  On Monday, Jonathan got everything packed into the car for me except little mac (of course) and left a few minutes before I did.  I grabbed my purse and PDA and put little mac into her car seat and headed out the door.  When I got to the school I didn’t have the purse, I did have the PDA (?) and I didn’t have little mac’s binky – but I did have little mac (whew).  When I got home shortly after noon, there was my purse and there was little mac’s binky, sitting happily on the ottoman in my living room.

This morning, I was determined not to do this!  So I  double checked that I had a binky, I made sure my PDA was in my purse and I had the purse.  I carried all of it, along with little mac, to the car, got into the driver’s seat and realized I had little mac in my arms.  I had to go BACK into the house to find the car seat.

No one told me that pregnancy brain is PERMANENT!  Yikes.  So I’m going to have an early night and fetch back my brain.  At least a little piece of it.

Overheard in Hobby Lobby

Just before Bethany’s birthday party in the Princess Room, I stopped by Hobby Lobby, to purchase her a gift. Yes, it was last minute. ANYWAY as I was standing in the checkout line, little mac, who had been napping peacefully while I shopped, stirred, opened her eyes and smiled at me. It’s one of the favorite things in my life to see that.

Two women behind me saw her do it, and made that “awwwww” sound that can only come from a woman looking at a baby. One turned to the other and remarked that someone’s baby would have been born in September. Her friend asked if this person had done anything to mark the day. The first lady said that she had cried a lot. I was empathetic to this faceless woman who had lost a baby, and didn’t have another to fill her arms.

But the conversation continued.

The first lady said, “I told her she might be spending a day crying now, but if she had decided to keep the baby, she would have spent a lifetime crying.” Her friend responded with, “Oh yeah. It’s better to wait until she’s old enough.” The first re-iterated how her friend would have done the baby a lot of damage by raising it. “That’s the decision I had to make at 22, and she’s younger than I was.”

As the two women went on to chat about this, I stood, stunned, at the checkout. I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach. This was not a planned parenthood “ball of inanimate tissue” styled discussion. This was a full recognition of the ending of a human life for the sake of convenience. I felt heavy and grieved all afternoon.

And I hugged ms. mac a little tighter. And I thanked God for her a few extra times. And I thought of the one we lost last year and the grief we felt for it. And I prayed. Will you pray with me?

The Reality Gap

So it’s all over the web.  Apparently pasty faced nerds who sit in their mother’s basements and run websites called “superficial” think that they have the right to call this fat.  It is proof that while the internet is a fantastic tool for a great many things, it does have the ability to create a big gap between perception and reality.  When you spend your entire life without any contact without actual human beings, you begin to think that Laura Croft is what the average female looks like.

So my advice to anyone who thinks that Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat in this picture is this: step away from the computer, and go take a walk with real live people.  And get a real job.  I would be bragging to the world if I was this “fat.”