At Least It’s Over

Well, I sat for four hours in a lab waiting room and had my blood drawn every hour (or so.   They weren’t very punctual) and as the technicians pointed out to me, I didn’t faint.  They were very pleased that I didn’t faint.  I suppose I am too, although I didn’t go in knowing it was a likelihood.  Anyway, I’ll know tomorrow is I have gestational diabetes, but for today, I left the lab and went to Burger King.  After 16 hours without food, I figured diabetic or not  I could have some french fries.

They were good too.

This Time Around

In this pregnancy I have gained less weight, eaten better and excersised more.  I have been more active and less indulgent.  So why, oh why is it THIS pregnancy in which my blood sugar is elevated?  Next week I have to go to a 3 hour blood glucose test for possible gestational diabetes.  I don’t have time to be diabetic.  I hope the blood test will concur.