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This Is Too Good Not To Blog

Okay, the snickerdoodle had an ultrasound on her hips today. If you remember, the goal is 65 degrees on each socket. She was 44 and 50 when she was born and her hips completely dislocated when moved manually.

Today – 5 weeks later – her hips are 66 and 64 degrees and completely stable. She’s in a new harness with adjustment marks on it, so that I can adjust it myself as she grows, and I have a schedule to wean her off the harness! She gets an extra hour each day for the next two weeks, until she’s only in it for 12 hours at night. She’ll stay at 12 hours for a week and a half, and then have a final evaluation and BE DONE!

Assuming nothing reverts in the next 4 weeks, we’ll be harness free by the last week of June!



Some Thoughts on the Blessing of Inconvenience

As the mackerdoodle discovered today that she LIKES cheese and doesn’t so much like sour cream, I began to ponder the gift that both her allergy, and now her healing has been to us.  When the mackerdoodle was born I wasn’t a cook.  People think I’m exaggerating when I say that all my recipes began “open the box,” but I’m not.  Grocery shopping consisted of counting the number of meals in a given period of time (usually a couple of weeks or so) and buying enough boxes of Zatarain’s, Taco dinner kits, and Betty Crocker complete meals with a few frozen pizzas and bag of perogies, just for variety.  If the mackerdoodle hadn’t had such a severe allergy that I had to learn to read every label of every product, I would still be cooking that way.

In the two years of living  with a food allergy I have been forced to get acquainted with my kitchen and the fundamentals of cooking.  I have gone from opening boxes and cans to making bread and fudge (mostly successfully)  and cooking my own dried beans and soups.  I can not only make a roux and home-made pizza dough, I do each at least once a week.  Now that I’m acquainted with my kitchen, I’ve discovered that I quite like it – so much so that I’m going to keep doing most of those things even now that it isn’t such a necessity.

It’s got me thinking that most of those things about which we complain the most may be the biggest blessings in our lives.  The gift of sanctification is often wrapped in sandpaper, and most of the sand paper packages in my life have had to hang around a lot more than two years before I could appreciate the blessing of the irritation.

A Sovereign God Can Heal – Even When He Isn’t Asked

This is a picture of my daughter eating a grilled cheese sandwich.  There is no following photograph of her in an ambulance, or being nailed with an epi pen, or guzzling a bottle of Benadryl.  Why?  Because God has healed my daughter’s allergy.

Today we took her to the allergist for a “just before we move” check up.  He is a great doctor, and he chatted with me about my observations in the nine months since we had been there.  Then he asked me, as he generally does, if I want to go ahead and re-test her.  In August of ’09 we retested her and she reacted at 13 mm – only slightly less severe than her first test of 15 mm in August ’08.  Today her test was, in the doctor’s words, “stone cold negative.”

From here on out this very nice, but very lost, allergist went on to explain that children are likely to outgrown milk allergies, and would I like to test feed her some milk in the office, or do it at home.  I finally asked him if it was common to go from 13 mm to less than 2 mm (the test prick is 1 mm) in nine months.  He was quiet for a moment and then said, “No.  I don’t see that very often.”

I wish I would have had the courage to tell him right then that God had healed my daughter; but all I was thinking, was, “What can I feed her to test this out?”

Once we got into the van I told the mackerdoodle that the doctor said cow’s milk might not make her sick any more.  “What would you like to eat with cow’s milk in it?”  I asked.  She said, “A cheese sandwich.  With pepperoni.”  So that’s what she got.  How does she feel about this new major freedom?

I am just in awe that the whole time we’ve been focusing our prayers on our move, God’s been saying: “Yeah, I got that.  I’ve got a lot more than that.”  It’s a beautiful mercy we hadn’t even thought to ask for.  Isn’t it good that God isn’t limited to our finite imaginations?

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.  Ephesians 3:20, 21

And Then The Phone Rang

I was writing a post about Mackerdoodle’s milk allergy, and then the phone rang.  It was our friend Chris – the one I have been asking you to pray for.  So Mackerdoodle’s milk allergy will have to wait.  This, oh y’all, this is so much more important.

Quick summary:

In December of 2006, Chris was working on the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.  He was a passenger in a traffic collision – the facts of which are still fuzzy – and barely escaped with his life.  The vehicle in which he was riding was uninsured.  The other vehicle (if there was one) ran the scene of the accident.

Chris has permanent back, nerve and tissue damage, but with a family to support, he has attempted to return to work in order to support them.  This has, in Chris’ words, wrecked his body.

Today, after leaving his final job, he can barely walk.  He is in constant pain, and his doctor is tellig him that if he doesn’t have another back surgery followed by six months of complete inactivity, he will never be pain free.

Today Chris, Adrienne and their three boys are living with Adrienne’s mother.  On Monday Chris, against every fiber of his personality, is filing for disability.

Y’all they need prayer, they need support, they need help.  Chris has tried to be faithful in providing for his family, and it has beaten him down at every turn.  They have medical bills from his past medical treatments still unpaid, and now he’s facing another surgery followed by six months with no possibility of work.

But what they do have is faith and hope.  As Chris was talking to Jonathan, he kept saying “This is all for God’s glory.  He’s still on the throne.”  They are doing their best to train up their boys in the gospel.  They are still trying to be faithful in this trying time.

I wish I could fix it.  I wish I could pay all the bills, and give them somewhere to live and make Chris’ pain go away.  I wish I could, but I can’t.  But I can pray.  And you can pray.  And maybe together we can lift them up spiritually and physically.

An Interesting Morning

On Wednesday evening, my mackerdoodle began running a fever.  She wasn’t really irritable, just listless and hot.  The thermometer said 102 degrees, so I called pediatrics after hours.  She wasn’t vomiting, so they said “Tylenol every 4 hours.  It should run its course.”

Thursday around 3, when the fever had not, in fact, run OUT of anything, and had, if anything, deepened, I called the pediatrician.  After some discussion, the nurse said “well, bring her in first thing tomorrow, and we’ll check her ears.”  As an infant, and young child I had chronic ear infections because of collapsed eustachian tubes.  I had tubes placed in my ears, which fixed the problem, but from the time the nurse said “check her ears. . .” I began to pray that my daughter had not inherited my defective ears.

Last night the poor little girl woke up every two hours or so crying inconsolably.  I had to sit her up, rock her and then nurse her back to sleep.  At each waking I murmured the prayer “Lord, please don’t let her have my ears.  Please spare her my ears.”

This morning the PA did a standard exam, asked me the standard questions, then looked into the mac ears.  They were fine.

“That’s great news!” I said.

The P. A. looked at my quizzically and said “Not really.  We don’t know what’s causing her fever.”  Oh, yeah, right.  The fever.

Have you ever tried to collect a urine sample from an infant?  It is no small feat!  A small bag was glued to her, and I was told to “try to make her pee.”

Juice?  Not interested.  Nursing?  No thank you  – for the first time in her life.  Finally, after 30 minutes, I realized that the thing guaranteed to produce urine was to stand her in the bath tub.  I put her bare feet in the hand washing sink, and within minutes we had enough tinkle to diagnose a urinary tract infection.

It was at this point that God showed me how narrow my prayers had been.  An ear infection would have meant a scrip for antibiotics, and out the door.  A UTI meant a catheterization to collect enough urine for a culture.  It means general antibiotics until the culture can diagnose what she really needs.  It means a renal ultrasound next week, and possibly blood work to determine the cause of the UTI.  While it is most likely that it resulted from an “intermingling” of waste in her diaper, UTIs can indicate kidney problems, blockages, and other bigger issues.

I’m trusting the Lord to handle all of those things over the next few days.  I’m learning my lesson.  I’m not going to try to second guess God’s plans.  I’m just going to ask Him to heal and comfort my daughter.

Good News and Bad News

I’ve been meaning to post about Chris Rohkohl’s herniated disc surgery and keep forgetting to do so while I have my computer in front of me.  So here’s the news:

First: the surgery itself went well.  When Chris woke from the anesthesia he was able to wiggle his toes, and bend his ankle, both things he had been unable to do since the accident.  Since coming home, he has been able to lift his leg to walk, and to bear weight with it, and the pain has been relieved significantly.  Please join us in praising the Lord for this great answer to prayer!

Unfortunately, after being home less than a week, Chris developed an infection which has been causing debilitating headaches.  Any time infection and spinal surgery are together in the same sentence, it’s cause for serious prayer and medical attention.  He is back in the hospital now under observation while Adrienne is at home with a terrible head cold.    So please continue to lift the family up in prayer.  This has been a long journey for them, and they need continued strength as they run this marathon.

If you want to know more about why Chris is suffering these maladies, click here. If you would like to help Chris and Adrienne with the continued financial burden they bear, you can visit my old blogger blog and click the pay pal button on the top of the sidebar.

Chris Rohkohl’s Surgery

Today (Monday) Chris Rohkohl is having surgery on his herniated discs.  Earlier in the month, he underwent a series of spinal injections to reduce the swelling in the hopes of alleviating some pain and returning some mobility to his left leg.  Unfortunately it had the opposite effect.  His neurologist is very concerned that the damage to Chris’ sciatic nerve may already be permanent and his loss of mobility in his left leg may be irreparable.  Hoping to be proven wrong, she’s performing surgery today.  At the very least, they hope to reduce his pain.

Please pray for healing for all of Chris’ injuries, wisdom and guidance for the surgeon, a speedy recovery, and the success of the coffee business.

If you want to know more about why Chris is suffering these maladies, click here.  If you would like to help Chris and Adrienne with the continued financial burden they bear,  you can visit my old blogger blog and click the pay pal button on the top of the sidebar.