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In Which My Verbal Diarrhea Makes Me Appreciate the Sovereignty of God

Does this happen to anyone else?  When I meet new people I often say stupid things.

One such example took place several years ago when my sister and her husband lived in Atlantic Canada.  Late one evening a young man from their church dropped by to chat with Brian and mentioned that he should be sleeping, or something like that.  I barely knew the guy, and I chimed in to a conversation, to which I had not been invited, with “Ah, you can sleep when you’re dead.”  Maybe a response I might make to my friend Loran who was in the army, and who I know fairly well, or to my friend Jawan who is notorious for not sleeping.  Not an appropriate response to someone I barely know.  He just looked at me with startled confusion.  I can’t blame him.

Well I’d like to say I’ve grown since then.  But that would not necessarily be true.

Last Sunday I introduced myself to a young couple who were visiting our congregation for the second time.  There are two PCA churches in our town, and the other one is a little bigger with a more “churchy” style church building and . . . just more “ta-da”.  We’re more “put up your feet and sit a spell.”  So I was chatting with this new couple and for no good reason I brought up this other church.  Not just once.  In fact, I realized I was doing it and I COULDN’T SHUT UP!  So I tried to segue into something else, and I ended up saying, “But don’t feel the need to visit over there.  We’re glad you’re here.  But we love them and do a lot with them.  Because there’s only 2 PCA churches in town.  But we’re glad you’re at this one.”  Oh, yes I did, and it went on, in that same smooth manner, until Jonathan finally stared at me with that same startled confusion and reminded me that we had lunch plans and we needed to get going.

Despite this stellar performance on my part, they came to LIFE group that night and were back at church this week.  Remarkably, they showed no sign of screaming and running away at the sight of me.  It’s at moments like this that I am so thankful God doesn’t rely on my performance to accomplish His purposes.  God is so much bigger than my big mouth and THAT my friends is BIG.