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A Doodle Conversation

Today a Netflx movie arrived in the mail. As always when the movie is not princess or pony oriented, I was forced to defend the arrival. This was made worse by the fact that the movie in question is Predators. Jonathan put it in the queue a while back and we’d forgotten about until the e-mail telling us it was coming. We like the Predator franchise (although we haven’t seen AVP:Requiem for several reasons) but try explaining it to a 3 year old. It went a little something like this:

mackerdoodle: What is it mama?

me: a grown up movie about aliens.

mackerdoodle: aliens don’t scare me. I can watch it wif you. Aliens aren’t scary. What to the aliens do?

me: they hunt.

mackerdoodle: i watch hunting shows wif daddy. I could watch it wif you. what do they hunt?

me (pushing it a little and knowing it) People.

There is a pause here as the mackerdoodle contemplates the implications of this.

mackerdoodle: if I could jump into that movie with daddy we would shoot those aliens DEAD!

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (shaking his head and pointing to himself.)

me: you want to shoot the aliens dead?

cheesedoodle gives big smile and big nod and points out the window.

mackerdoodle: there aren’t aliens in St. Louis, cheesedoodle. Just in movies and outer space.

cheesedoodle: uh-uh. (continues to point outside.)

me: you want to shoot the aliens dead outside?

cheesedoodle grinning and nodding and pointing to himself

me: with daddy.

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (points back to himself)

me: all by yourself?

cheesedoodle smiles happily and nods.

mackerdoodle: that’s just crazy. You need Daddy to help. You’re too little. I’m a big girl, and I would need Daddy to help me shoot the aliens dead.  (pause for thought) Daddy’s the best hunter EVER!

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (pointing to himself)

mackerdoodle to me: Now he’s just not telling the troof.

If I wrote a sit-com it would be panned as having unbelievable characters.