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TrueTone colors give way

to technicolor and neon

that fades past time bleached

into sepia tones

and finally black and white
with occasional wan water color tint

A lilac sunset the only reminder

of the pencil green shading to come


A Season For Everything and Everything In Its Season.

On Tuesday afternoon a large truck pulled into our neighborhood with four ABF “you pack, we move” boxes on it. All of the children pulled up chairs and blankets and watched as the driver unloaded a small forklift and moved two of the boxes into the parking spaces of one of our neighbors.

It’s officially moving season.

There are, as far as I can figure, 15 families leaving our neighborhood in the next six weeks or so. This is the rub of seminary life and relationships. Every May someone graduates and moves on.

It’s bittersweet.

On one hand, I’m seeing people who have worked very hard for three to four years realizing the fruit of their labor and are taking their places in kingdom service. I’m so excited for them and  for their future and for what the Lord will do in and through them.

On the other hand,  I am saying goodbye to people who have become friends and to children who have become my daughter’s friends.

There will be more trucks and PODS and the like this summer. Half of them will take someone away, and half of them will bring a family into this remarkable neighborhood. It’s a season of goodbyes and a season of hellos and a season of reminders that in a few years it will be our turn to pack up and say our goodbyes to this remarkable neighborhood, which will look completely different every year we live here.

There is a season for everything, and I am reminded that seminary is only a brief season.