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A Needed Adjustment in Perspective

On Friday we had a speech evaluation for the Cheesedoodle. Getting help for school aged children is more difficult here, but the therapist who has been seeing the Snickerdoodle had agreed to evaluate Cheesedoodle in order to give me tools to help him continue with his speech development. Her words to me at the end of it were an amazing answer to prayer.

She said, “If I didn’t know his history, I would have told you he has no speech issues. He is in the normal spectrum for speech development for a 6 year old.”

“But people still don’t always understand him!” I said.

She leaned across the table, and looked into my mothering soul and said, “He is small for his age, and he is six. People are expecting him to tell them about baseball, or hockey, or his pet dog. They are not expecting him to explain static electricity to them. He is just fine. Keep doing what you are doing. He is an amazing boy.”

So I can hear the chorus of praises from across the continent as people who have prayed for and loved my little boy. This is such a great thing to hear, after all the work and the struggles. It was also exactly what I need to hear at the end of this second full year of home schooling. “He’s fine. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

The truth is, I have spent the last two years feeling ill equipped and unprepared for these uncharted educational waters. I spent three years freaking out about Moriah’s birthday and cut-off dates for school and getting her in the right place. Now we’re homeschooling, where the grades don’t matter. Half of her friends don’t even know what grade they’re in, and no one cares. She’s fine. We’re going to keep  doing what we’re doing.

On the way home, the snickerdoodle was in the back seat singing, “2+2 is 4, 3+3 is 6, 4+4 is 8, 5+5 is ten, 6+6 is Idon’tknow, 7+7 is Idon’tknow, . . . ” She just turned five. I can’t freak out about the “I don’t know”s, when the sane realization is She’s fine. Just keep doing what we’re doing.

In the midst of the weight and lack of definition of homeschooling, it was really nice to have a neutral, non-homeschooling party reassure me that my kids are doing fine, and we should keep doing what we are doing.



A Doodle Update

Well, the doodles have been up to a little bit of everything, and as my friend Suzanne requested that I take a break from writing posts that convict her I thought now was a great time to brag on my adorable children.


While I would normally begin in chronological order, our cheesedoodle news is pretty cool. On Monday we had a very successful speech assessment for him. They put him through a series of physical and mental tests and evaluations which he really quite enjoyed. His hearing is fine. On all tests of language and comprehension he is testing at the level of a three and a half year old (he’s two for those who have lost track) so apart from his total lack of vocabulary he’s way ahead.

He’ll be seeing the speech therapist once a week to work on the physical mechanics of speech. She’ll be playing games with him to help his mouth form the shapes of sounds and make the connection between what he seems to be hearing in his head and what he isn’t doing with his mouth. We are very excited to have a game plan and to know that what we perceived as intelligence and comprehension wasn’t just wishful thinking on our part or an attempt to compensate for his lack of vocabulary.

Cheesedoodle requisite funny story: I am trying to introduce the cheesedoodle to the concept of potty training. After an initial enthusiasm he has figured out that this means a disruption in his normal play time and has become resistant to the concept. As many of the potty training books recommend using positive peer pressure, I gave him the following “pep talk” while changing a diaper a week or so ago:

Me:”Zac and Elijah use the potty. Caleb and Austin and Nathan and Isaac use the potty. Right? Those big boys all use the potty, right?”

He looked me right in the eye and nodded clearly.

“So don’t you want to be a big boy like those big boys?”

He put his finger on his lips, and tapped them for a moment, as if thinking, then looked at me and said, “Uh-uh” while shaking his head.


Our snickerdoodle is almost 6 months old, which is stunning to me. The first year goes faster for each consecutive child. I can only assume at child six or seven they begin walking at three days old. (Maybe THAT’S how those super huge families do it.)

Regardless, she’s a delight. She’s working very hard to sit up after eating, and can generally get herself into a 3/4 crunch unassisted. She is also working to sit alone, and can sit for short periods on a lap, or a bed, or somewhere that molds under her bottom. She has two bottom teeth, but despite more than a month of anxious chewing and copious amounts of drool, no other teeth have arrived. I am fairly relieved by that, being her sole source of sustenance at the moment. She has had a few helpings of sweet potato and a little bit of oatmeal cereal, but her tongue thrust response is still so strong, she’s clearly not ready for more than the odd test tastes. I’m okay with that too.


Our oldest doodle continues to have us in stitches most moments of the day. She has discovered an anime series on Netflix called “Eon Kid” and walks around the house singing the theme song, but in true makerdoodle fashion she has declared herself to be Eon Girl whose primary super power is “the power to SPARKLE!” She is also in a lining things up phase. I often walk into a room to find my little ponies, or fisher price animals, or any number of things, lined up neatly across the floor, as waiting expectantly for something.

Her most notable achievement at the moment, however, is in the area of growth. Around the time the snickerdoodle was born the mackerdoodle’s 3T pants got to that slightly embarrassing too short length. You know the one. They were all riding high on her ankles, but not high enough to look like crops. I put them in the “too small” box and set aside the 4Ts for when the cooler weather would return. Three weeks ago I pulled out said 4Ts and they were riding high on her ankles! She’s completely skipped size 4 and gone on to size 5 (inconveniently, the same size her youngest cousin is also wearing.) but thanks to some hand me downs from other friends and a great friend who happened to find a whole batch of girls size 5 jeans at Goodwill for a dollar a piece, she’s all set for the winter. It’s just another reminder that this baby of mine isn’t a baby anymore.

Mackerdoodle requisite funny story: There are so many from which to choose but the one that comes to mind right now is her reaction when we arrived home from the cheesedoodle’s speech evaluation. She put one hand on her hip and said, “So? Does he have words yet?”

So there you have it. doodle cuteness. Maybe I can convict Suzanne tomorrow.