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A Doodle Conversation

Today a Netflx movie arrived in the mail. As always when the movie is not princess or pony oriented, I was forced to defend the arrival. This was made worse by the fact that the movie in question is Predators. Jonathan put it in the queue a while back and we’d forgotten about until the e-mail telling us it was coming. We like the Predator franchise (although we haven’t seen AVP:Requiem for several reasons) but try explaining it to a 3 year old. It went a little something like this:

mackerdoodle: What is it mama?

me: a grown up movie about aliens.

mackerdoodle: aliens don’t scare me. I can watch it wif you. Aliens aren’t scary. What to the aliens do?

me: they hunt.

mackerdoodle: i watch hunting shows wif daddy. I could watch it wif you. what do they hunt?

me (pushing it a little and knowing it) People.

There is a pause here as the mackerdoodle contemplates the implications of this.

mackerdoodle: if I could jump into that movie with daddy we would shoot those aliens DEAD!

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (shaking his head and pointing to himself.)

me: you want to shoot the aliens dead?

cheesedoodle gives big smile and big nod and points out the window.

mackerdoodle: there aren’t aliens in St. Louis, cheesedoodle. Just in movies and outer space.

cheesedoodle: uh-uh. (continues to point outside.)

me: you want to shoot the aliens dead outside?

cheesedoodle grinning and nodding and pointing to himself

me: with daddy.

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (points back to himself)

me: all by yourself?

cheesedoodle smiles happily and nods.

mackerdoodle: that’s just crazy. You need Daddy to help. You’re too little. I’m a big girl, and I would need Daddy to help me shoot the aliens dead.  (pause for thought) Daddy’s the best hunter EVER!

cheesedoodle: uh-uh (pointing to himself)

mackerdoodle to me: Now he’s just not telling the troof.

If I wrote a sit-com it would be panned as having unbelievable characters.


A Conversation With My Mackerdoodle

Mackerdoodle:   “Cinderella?  I’m Ariel.”

Me:  “Hello Ariel.”

Mackerdoodle:  “I married my husband, so he’s back at home cleaning the kitchen floor and I’m going to the pool with Belle and Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  You want to come to the pool wif us?”

Me:  “I have to clean the kitchen this morning.”

Mackerdoodle:  “For your step mother?  She say well done, good job.  Now you can come to the pool?  We have sprinklers!”